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Problem: Scrolling on social media leaves an environmental footprint
Opportunity: How can Volvo pioneer the use of technology to protect people and make them feel safe?

Solution: Create a tool that translates a user’s digital scrolling into a measurable distance 

Span x Volvo

An app sponsored by Volvo that encourages people to be more cognizant of their social media usage and the impact it has on the planet.


When we think about our carbon footprint, we tend to pinpoint our electricity usage or the mileage of our daily commute; when in fact, our social media habits are also a big polluter. Like every technology, scrolling on social media has an environmental footprint: which is a lot higher than people might think.

Globally, the carbon footprint of our gadgets accounts for 3.7% of total greenhouse emissions, a percentage higher than the amount produced by the aviation industry. This percentage is set to at least double by 2025.

Why Social Media?

More than half of the population today uses social media, a total of 4.48 billion people.

99% of users access their social media accounts through a mobile device.

The average social media user engages with approximately 7 various social media platforms.

Span x Volvo

The UI of the app incorporates Volvo’s branding and color palette. By keeping it simple and minimal, the data and information stands out. 

How it Works 

Span displays the “distance” per day a user has scrolled on their social media apps. By translating their scrolling to a measurable distance, people can experience their social media usage more tangibly. 

Screen Overview 

Social Media App Summary

Users have the option to view each social media app individually to see their distance scrolled & grams of carbon emitted.

Google Maps Partnership

The app will seamlessly integrate with Google Maps to translate your total monthly distance scrolled to the distance between well known geographical locations. 

In Car Experience

Experience the app in your Volvo to compare your miles physically traveled in your vehicle with your scrolled “miles” on your smartphone.